Friday, 24 May 2013

Update on our advert projects for the Green Animals, Green Cats, Green Detectives, and the Yes or No Class. We are rehearsing for our advert. Next week we will begin filming.. Enjoy!

Practicing our lines..

We have a funny advert...

Here is our project!

Where are you going Iago?

You will definitely buy our product!


In action

TV Stars

Our advert has a lot of character!

Add caption

Rehearsing our lines

Friday, 10 May 2013

Working Hard

 We are making adverts to sell the best product!

Look at our poster!

Putting on the finishing touches

Manuel adding information

Working together

Very serious workers..

Look at our "Magical Pencil"!
Working hard...

Friday, 3 May 2013

The First Step: Making posters for our advert.

We are thinking of a good idea...

We are making adverts to sell the best product!

The "Super Pencil" does your homework for you.
Can I have some water please? I'm thirsty!

The Magical Strawberry is sold in many countries. 

Is this how you write it?

Team work

Write it on the board so we know how to write it!

What does our product do?
Where is it sold?

How much does the Yes or No Flying Car cost?

Hmmm... How do you say....?

Water break! our poster....

We have to write the information, then cut it out....

.... Then glue the papers to our poster.

Our product is the best!!!